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The preparation of financial statements and records that show the performance of an organisation and its financial position at the end of its financial year. 

Tax due on any corporate profits. Including company's profits and any gains from selling assets that may have increased in value.

Recording your company's financial transactions into organized accounts. Generally using QuickBooks but we are able to use alternative systems if required.

Income tax is charged on most types of income, the main source being your wages and salary from work. 

Employers are required to report any taxable benefits made to employees, which have not been disclosed on the payroll, to HMRC.

Taking care of your payroll needs including recording employee pay, calculating deductions, sending payslips, reporting to HMRC and year end returns. 

Preparation of your VAT return to calculate how much VAT should be paid to, or reimbursed, by HMRC. 
Based on what you have charged and paid out.

If you are a subcontractor working in the building or construction industry, you may have to pay tax under the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS).


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